plant-based protein for All!

"changing lives for the better, one chew at a time!"  


"I am a lifelong vegan and the imitation meat is some of the best I have ever had."


—  Talia, Google Review

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  even meatier 

It looks like chicken, taste like chicken, but guess what? It ain't chicken! Crispy on the outside and white in the middle. We have improved our recipe to give an even meatier texture!

better chew

Animal protein is proving to be unsustainable and detrimental to our environment. In addition, it presents ethical challenges and major health issues, especially to minority communities. We are relentlessly driven to provide "something better." Better Chew products have a texture and taste that satisfies your body's desire for meat, and are made with whole food ingredients you can pronounce. 

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plant-based meat like no other! 

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"Something to Chew on"

Something Better Foods has developed a suite of plant-based proteins sold under the brand name “Better Chew." We mimic America’s most popular comfort and ethnic foods including beef, chicken, and seafood substitutes. Our mission is to democratize the access to plant-based food for "All" people while "changing lives for the better, one chew at a time."